Shahada Taluka Co-op Education
Society Ltd. Shahada

The Shahada Taluka Co-operative Education Society has lived up to its name, since its inception. It serves to make education available to the citizens of the Shahada Taluka. The Society has its main campus in the town itself. The campus is aptly named after the pioneering founder Dr. V H Patil and has facilities from Balwadi to Graduation. The other campuses are at Prakashe, Vadali, Kahatul and Fes.

SNDT : Mahila Varishth Kala Mahavidyalaya


  • Established in 2001, under SNDT University
  • Own Well Equipped Building
  • Approved by UGC, Delhi with 2F
  • Evaluation by NAAC with B Grade (GPA 2.47)


  • Education with Degrees in BA, MA, B SC(Home)
  • Focus on Cultural Acticities
  • Access to Computers
  • Free WiFi & Internet
  • Well Stocked Library with Books and Magazines
  • Own Internal Magazine
  • Participation in NSS


Grades Seats Girls Total
I 120 98 98
II 120 85 85
III 120 76 76
I 60 07 07
II 60 15 15
III 60 15 15
Total 520 296 296

Teachers & other employees

Teachers Clerk Librarian Helpers Total
14 02 00 04 20


Women’s education was rare in India, right up to the end of 20th Century. It needed a lot of courage to send one’s daughters to colleges for education, simply because Woman’s colleges were far away from Shahada. The conditions for women’s education were simply not favorable in those times, especially at the community level..

Dr Visharm Hari Patil and Shri Fakira Jairam Patil, former Chairmen of the Society were both in favour of Woman’s Education. They were both courageous leaders who exemplified their thinking by educating their own daughters right up to graduation in arts and science, in far away colleges at Pune and Vadodara.

Shri Tatyasaheb Motilal Patil, successor to Shri Fakira Jairam Patil, was inspired about woman’s education. He always felt the need to provide college education to Girls and could convince the community leaders with examples of his own family. He was also in touch with SNDT University, which is dedicated to Women’s education Maharashtra.

He established the Mahila Varishtha Kala Mahavidyalaya in 2001 in affiliation with SNDT. The Mahavidyalaya has its own building and operates under SNDT norms.

Student Achievers

Year Student's Name Award Name Remarks
2003 Manisha Tukaram Patil 21th Rank in University SNDT
2004 Bhagawandas Agrawal 28th Rank in University SNDT
Fashion Design
2012-13 Vrushali Arun Patil 2nd Rank in University Fashion Design
2012-13 Shekh Mariam Bano Farid 1st Rank in University Fashion Design
2012-13 Deepika Dilip Patel 9th Rank in University B.C.A.
2012-13 Madhuri Arun Patil 30th Rank in University B.C.A.
2009-10 Pratibha Thakarsingh Pawar Chess Sport
2010-11 Rajashri Nagin Patil Cricket Sport
2011-12 Madhuri Arjun Patil Chess Sport
2011-12 Laxmi Tukaram Patil Chess Sport

Teacher Achievers

Year Teacher's Name Award Name Remarks
2009-2010 Rajendra Nikumbhe Vidyabhushan INSA, Buldhaana
2014-2015 Santosh Tamkhaane Vidyabhushan INSA, Buldhaana