Shahada Taluka Co-op Education
Society Ltd. Shahada

The Shahada Taluka Co-operative Education Society has lived up to its name, since its inception. It serves to make education available to the citizens of the Shahada Taluka. The Society has its main campus in the town itself. The campus is aptly named after the pioneering founder Dr. V H Patil and has facilities from Balwadi to Graduation. The other campuses are at Prakashe, Vadali, Kahatul and Fes.



  • Founded in June 2000
  • Ideal for Learning in Marathi Medium
  • Conceived by the Enlightened Villagers of Fes.
  • Supported by Government


  • Well Designed and Equipped Building
  • Education from Std 5 to Std 10
  • Laboratories for Physic, Chemistry
  • Computer Room
  • Toilets for All
  • Sports Facilities and Own Playground
  • Focus on Local Students


Grades Boys Girls Total
V to VII ( 5th to 7th) 69 65 134
V||| to X (8th to 10th) 54 55 109
Total 123 120 143

Teachers & other employees

Graduate Non-Graduate Clerk Helpers Total
6 3 1 2 12


The enlightned villagers of Face had been sending their children to other schools in Shahada taluka, even before India's independence. They could not afford to have a school of their own because of the small population of their village. Those who went out contributed to the educated work force of Independence. As awareness of education increased in the nearby villages, they decided to have a school in the village so that villages around Fes could also enjoy the benefits of Education.

Shri Dilip Raghunath Patil, a prominent leader of Face, created the necessary momentum with volunteers for creating a secondary school in their village. Their efforts were guided by Shri Tatyasaheb Motilal Patil and supported by eminent donors like Shri Giridhar Dattu Patil. The Villagers joined the Shahada Education Society and the School was established in the year 2000 for standard 8 to standard 10. Dr Hemant Deshmukh, Minister of Government of Maharashtra recognized the noble efforts of all and supported the School with Government Funding.

The School now has educational facilities for standard 5 to standard 10, with it owns Buildings with Laboratories, Library and computers, It has its own sports facilities and a playground for the students. Surrounded with a natural environment, it's a place for acquiring both mental and physical strengths.

Student Achievers

Year Student's Name Award Name Remarks
2014-2015 Gyan Key Foundation For-------on Wikipedia
2013-2014 Ms Harshda Babusing Girase Gyan Key Fondation For an Essay on

Teacher Achievers

Year Teacher's Name Award Name Remarks