Shahada Taluka Co-op Education
Society Ltd. Shahada

Major Donors

Major Donors

Mrs Sushilaben

Daughter-in-law of Sheth V. K. Shah Sheth V K Shah shifted his business to Shahada in 1954. He soon became known for his wealth and generosity in Shahada. He founded the People's Co-op Bank for all in Shahada He gave his factory land to the Society on a 99 year lease His son Dwarakadas inherited his business, but shifted to Mumbai After his death, Sushilaben inherited the Property She donated the Land to the society In 1986, when requested by Shri Fakira Jairam Patil, the reigning Chairman of the Society

Late Gulabgiri Saraswatigiri Gosavi

Shri Gulabgiri was a cultured and wealthy land owner of Vadali. His grandsons started the Vadali school with a donation of a building and Rs 11000 in cash for the school operations. The Society honors the family with a representation on its board.

Late Yashodaben Rupji Patil

Late Shri Sudam Rupji Patil, husband of Yashodaben, and hid brother Laxman Rupji Patil (Retired Police Office) Donated Rs 1 Lac for the School in Kahatul. The School was named after Yashodaben to honour the Family's wishes

Late Mrs Gangaben Fakira Patil

While Gangaben was not educated, she was more than a literate woman. While taking care of the Family land holdings, she encouraged her eight children to get highest possible education. She sacrificed her family life to be with them while they pursued their education in Dhule. Her family donated Rs 2lacs and 11 Thousand to build the Jr College for boys and girls, to cherish her memory.

Late Sadashiv Bhikkan Chaudhari

Late Sambhu Sadashive Patil had served as a teacher at Sarvoday Vidya Mandir, Prakashe, When his father died, he and his brother Parashram Sadashiv Patil donated Rs 1 lac to the Society, in the name of their father. The Junior College at Prakashe has been named accordingly

Shahada Taluka Secondary School Employees Co-operative Patpedi Limited, Shahada

Looking at the work done by the Society, the Patpedhi donated a sum of Rs 2,51,000/- for a building for the primary school at Shahada.

The Employees are represented on the Society's Board..