Shahada Taluka Co-op Education
Society Ltd. Shahada



The Society and its teachers have worked hard to be praiseworthy for its students and their parents. Recognition by the Students and Parents has brought acceptance from Government Authorities who partly fund the Society's activities. We list below our achievements in the eyes of others. It has been an arduous journey, fraught with natural, political and man-made disasters. Our leaders took the disasters head on to be where we are today. It's a heritage we strive to live and grow with.

We are proud to summarise our specialties as

  • The only pre-independence educational complex in Shahada Taluka
  • Managed by Educated Social Leaders
  • Providing education to more than 10000 students every year
  • Focus on Individual Development
  • Encourage Girl Education
  • Dedicated Teaching Force
  • Sizable Woman Teachers in all schools
  • Promote Art and Cultural
  • Student Participation in Social Programmes
  • Volunteers in Disaster Management

The Society has been fortunate enough to be led by the following leaders

1952~1969 Dr Vishram Hari Patil as Founder and Chairman
1969~1970 Shri Laxman Shankar Patil, as Chairman
1970~1974 Dr Giridhar Narayan Chaudhari, as Chairman
1974~1995 Shri Fakira Jairam Patil, as Chairman
1995 Tatyasaheb Motilal Fakira Patil, as Chairman

We were supported by contributions from numerous generous citizens of Shahada Taluka. Contributions from the following Major Donors enabled the Society to leap-frog in its activities

  • Late Shri Viththaldas Kashidas Shah and Family, Shahada
  • Late Shri Gulabgiri Saraswatigiri Gosavi and Family, Vadali
  • Late Mrs Yashodaben Rupaji Patil and Family
  • Late Mrs Gangaben Fakira Patil and Family
  • Late Shri Sadashive Bhikkan Patil
  • Shahada Taluka Secondary School Staff Patpedhi, Shahada